Full Set


1.5 hrs



1.25 hrs



1.25 hrs

after 5wks you will be charged a full set

Nail Repair


15 min

$4 with a Fill

Don't hesitate to come in and enjoy a full service experience for long lasting nails. All nail art is created by hand and whether you want the classic French Manicure or the most Blinged Up Nails each client receives our full attention and professional aesthetic.

Gel Manicure


1 hr

(A thin layer of  gel under a gel polish for added support)




A light cured nail (polish, for durability and shine, no strength added)

Gel Nail Removal


1 hr

Gel Polish Removal


45 min

Nail Art


15 min +

feel free to send us a picture of what you want to be sure enough time is booked.

At Inspire Esthetics there is a variety of art available. Feel free to send pictures to see if we can do what you like. Enjoy a large variety of coloured gels, sparkles and gel paints for any look. We even carry a variety of Swarovski Crystals and Chrome Powders. Too many fun and shiny things to mention!